Staging Our Selves courses are theatre workshop courses specially created for young people with autism. The workshops combine drama, improvisation and performance, into therapeutic experiences for those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to explore these aspects of themselves.

Oonagh has pioneered this workshop with asiam.ie, an advocacy platform for people affected by Autism to share their stories and views, through their Youth Leadership Team.

Many of the things that young people with cognitive disabilities struggle with every day are addressed in theatre – reading body language, producing facial expressions, understanding subtext, and varying tone of voice.

Acting games are a brilliant opportunity to practice conversation, and lower inhibition for those who find social situations challenging.

Engagement with this group-based theatre session is based on engagement with the following areas:

  • self-confidence not only in performing, but in everyday interactions
  • improved self-esteem                                          
  • improved identification and labelling of own emotions
  • improved identification of emotions of others    
  • new awareness of voice pitch volume, modulation of speech and voice              
  • new skills for functioning in group activities
  • new skills in following directions                                                                    
  • improved interaction with peers and development of a hobby they enjoy with others
  • increased self-confidence through success
  • increased body awareness

Please get in touch to find out more about how we develop life skills and self-awareness in this unique and innovative approach.